Approximately two years ago, we launched our Turn The Tables program, to partner with local business, with the aim of raising enough money to cover the rent (and associated costs) of our new premises for three years.

We are SO pleased to announce that not only did we cover the first two years of rent, we now have enough funds (either received or promised) to cover the next two years. This is due to the commitment and generosity of our local community, for which we are SO thankful. PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the list of all our partners/contributors – please support these fantastic businesses where you can!

So what does this mean for our Turn The Tables program? Temporarily, we are not accepting any more applications to join as a Turn The Tables partner – so for those who’ve joined, it’s now an exclusive ‘Club’! We are so grateful to those businesses/individuals who have either paid, or committed to paying, their three-year TTT payments, and look forward to providing more benefits for our Partners as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

We will re-launch the Turn The Tables program as we near the end of our funding pool – PLEASE FILL IN THE FORM BELOW TO BE CONTACTED WHEN WE RE-LAUNCH!

In the meantime, there are many other ways that donations from businesses, schools, organisations and individuals can assist Mama Lana’s Community Foundation to continue to serve the homeless and disadvantaged in our local community - PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THOSE PROJECTS

Please fill in your details below and we will get in contact with you when we re-launch the Turn The Tables program and open up applications.